Barcode Center for Publishing, Translation, Advertising, and Information Services is located in Khartoum, Sudan

Our Vision

To develop publishing and awareness among university students and instructors.
To develop research services in Sudan, a rapidly growing country with great potentials.

Our Mission

To encourage publishing in all subjects.
To develop publishing and e-publishing according to International standards.
To maintain information resources of books and periodicals.


References (Medical and Health Sciences)
Recently Published Sudanese Studies
Stationery Shop
Translation Services
Publishing and distribution
Education and Information Services
Reading rooms with many titles from around the world.

Support & Help

Assistance is offered with advanced digital technologies and managerial and administration office systems.

Reading Room has many titles from around the world.
You are more than welcome to visit and enjoy reading, you may invite your friend to this service.

Additional services to the Reading Library, Together, our customers have access to the services of Photocopier, typing and printing thesis, binding, and a lot of stationery available in our shop. We can also help with organizing specialized book fairs

Code of Conduct

We take our business very seriously, we work hard for quality, so our customers can get the benefits they look for. Our code of ethics shows some of the global standard principles. The most valuable values here are: –

QUIETNESS is a must inside Reading Room.

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Digital Transformation